Bow windows consist of at least four equally sized windows that are joined together in 10° or 15° angles in order to shape the curve. Both beautiful and elegant, bow windows offer a large, unblocked view of the outside.

Architects and homeowners choose bow windows for their elegant curves that can turn an ordinary opening into a fantastic view of the outside world – the pinnacle of modern architecture. Bow windows do not project on the outside as far as bay windows do; however, they are made of more glass panels and feature rounded angles. The appealing exterior view creates a very picturesque setting.

You can adjust ventilation and temperature by making your bow windows operable. For that purpose, an operating system of your choice can be added to any section of the Bow window. Strong and durable, but at the same time classy and unique, Bow windows must be built to custom specifications, just to be 100% sure yours will perfectly fit window openings and room design.

  • standard assembled Bow includes 3/4" plywood G1S (Good One Side) Head, Seat and Jambs
  • standard jamb depth is 5 7/8" - special jamb size available upon request
  • all windows that make up the Bow are calculated separately for costs

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