Bay windows are a great choice for any home, as its fantastic features are seen on the inside (the panoramic view) and on the outside (an architectural impression which goes out of the ordinary).

Bay windows extend your living space and offer a unique architectural touch to your home, while also providing a quiet, indoor retreat in the sunlight. Anyone who passes by your home will contemplate its welcoming, simple, yet sophisticated architecture.

Bay windows are highly versatile, as they fit in the living room, as front windows, as side or rear windows, or anywhere in the house where enough projection space is available. New Look also provides a large variety of grilled options and accessories to improve the already great looks of this fantastic window type.

  • standard assembled Bay includes 3/4" plywood G1S (Good One Side) Head, Seat and Jambs
  • standard jamb depth is 5 7/8" - special jamb size available upon request
  • all windows that make up the Bay are calculated separately for costs

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