Best of Awards

We’re honored to be named one of Toronto’s Best of 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 by HomeStars.

HomeStars is an independent online review organization that helps people learn how companies treat their customers. You can read our reviews page on HomeStars here.

Only companies with an exceptional track record are eligible for this award!

According to HomeStars Founder, Nancy Peterson, “We created the Best of Awards to recognize the best-of-the-best in each category. These awards help us achieve our mission to be the most trusted source for homeowners so they can have the best home improvement experience – before, during and after the work is done.”

A special note to our valued customers: If you took the time to write a review on about the service we provided you – a big thank you! Because your review helped us win the award. And if you did not write a review yet, it would be greatly appreciated since it helps build our company’s online reputation.

I invite you to see all our homeowner reviews by going to and then typing, New Look Windows and Doors, into the search bar at the top of the page.

If you are a regular user of HomeStars – in fact, even if it’s your first time looking at the site-, you can’t help noticing a little crown icon attached to the name of some of the companies. This is how we mark the winner of our Best Of Award (BOA). The award honours the companies that rank best in their particular industry. This is how HomeStars shows that homeowners’ reviews are really important for our success.

The top three factors that are measured, when we decide which companies earned the BOA status are Integrity, Consistency and Customer Service.


The companies exceed their customers’ expectations consistently without overcharging or overpromising. The honesty of these companies is demonstrated by their commitment to telling the clients upfront if there is a delay of delivery or anticipated changes in the cost. There is communication and transparency about the project. You can rest assured that the reviews about these companies are genuine and can serve as a guarantee that you can send your business their way.

Customer Service

Customer service includes timely returns of calls or replies to emails, handling complains is a responsible way – anything that makes the customers be satisfied and feel they are provided great service. These companies also handle negative reviews and complaints professionally, while understanding that nobody can be perfect. Timely correction of mistakes, throughout the whole process of dealing with the client, makes a difference.


The reviews over the years for those companies, who are awarded BOA, show how consistent they are and it is reflected in the solid good reviews. That is why we have multiple year winners, who enjoy respect for their work and take pride in consistently delivering great results and satisfaction of customers. The best companies treat all projects as unique. You can rely on the winning companies delivering customer service and integrity consistently.

The awards are the result of integrity, customer service and consistency. You should realize that your reviews make a difference, no matter if they are critical or positive. The winners of BOA have to be grateful for your reviews that assist your community in selecting good companies to do business with.