Customer satisfaction is our top priority at New Look Windows & Doors. Our products are creative, top notch, assembled and manufactured with the highest quality standards in the industry! Top quality replacement vinyl windows, energy saving insulated steel doors, aluminum windows and vinyl patio doors, entrance doors, storm doors and porch enclosures are only a few of the products we offer, at a fair and competitive price range.

Did you know vinyl windows are currently the most popular types of windows all over Canada? This is only because they’re immune to rust, corrosion and almost every type of physical damage (chipping, peeling), which could only mean they’re built to last. The investment will pay off in your energy bill savings, as vinyl windows provide perfect insulation, preventing heat loss. Just to prove you we’re very confident about the quality of our products, every New Look window and door comes with a lifetime warranty that’s also transferable!

New Look windows are equipped with Energy Advantage Low E Glass, which consists of sealed glass chambers filled with inert gas (we use Argon) for more efficient thermal insulation. That way, you could save up to 30% (or even more) of your energy bills a year! New Look windows & Doors will turn your home into an exotic retreat from the frightful winter weather, and will keep the chilly air conditioning breeze inside during hot summer afternoons.


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